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Environmental Safety Solutions LLC.
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An innovative provider of environmental safety products for the construction and demolition industries.

Leading the industry to customer-centric innovation.
Founded in 2006 and based in New York, ESS designs and produces innovative solutions for the Construction and Demolition trades. With the introduction of their Enviroboot EB-1 and the new EBCH-1, demolition of concrete and similar materials can be performed in a safer and more economical manner.

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Giving Pollution the Boot™

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Q: Do I have to use a specific type or model Shop Vacuum?
A: No, but it should have a 2 ¼" hose and preferably have a 5 stage HEPA filter.

Q: If I am using the Enviroboot, do I still need to use a respirator?
A: Yes, you must also use a respirator. Although the Enviroboot will remove the majority of the airborne particulate matter from the air, there is some potentially Hazardous particulate matter in the air from the Jackhammer operation. 3 ---

Q: How tight do I adjust the clamps?
A: Adjust the clamps until the Enviroboot is snug on the Jackhammer and vacuum hose, then tighten an additional ¼ turn on the adjusting screw. Be careful not to over tighten as this will distort the Enviroboot.