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EB-1 Bosch Adapter
EB-1 Bosch Adapter (top and bottom).
MSRP $15.00

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EBCH-1 Hammer Drill Adapter
EBCH-1 Hammer Drill Adapter 
MSRP $100.00

EB-1 extender
EB-1 extender
MSRP $40.00

EBCH-1 long extender
EBCH-1 long extender (10") 
MSRP $30.00

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Environmental Safety Solutions
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An innovative provider of environmental safety products for the construction and demolition industries.

Leading the industry to customer-centric innovation.
Founded in 2006 and based in New York, ESS designs and produces innovative solutions for the Construction and Demolition trades. With the introduction of their Enviroboot EB-1 and the new EBCH-1, demolition of concrete and similar materials can be performed in a safer and more economical manner.

EBCH-1 short extender
EBCH-1 short extender 
MSRP $15.00

Giving Pollution the Boot™

Vacuum Hose Adapter
 Adapts the EBCH-1 1 1/4" Vacuum port to a standard 1 1/2" vacuum hose. 
MSRP $2.50

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