• 1. Disconnect the jackhammer from the electrical source.

  • 2. Lay the jackhammer down and prop the chisel end up.

  • 3 Pull the widest end of the Enviroboot accessory over the chisel until it seats properly with the jackhammer.

  • 4. Position the accessories smaller opening to the side.

  • 5. Tighten the 6-inch top hose clamp, adjusting the screw to a snug fit, but do not overly tighten, as this will distort the accessory, possibly damaging it and making operation less effective.

  • 6. Insert the vacuum hose a minimum of 1-inch into the Enviroboot accessory.

  • 7. Tighten the 2"" clamp adjusting screw around the Enviroboot Vacuum hose end. Do not overly tighten.​

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Founded in 2006 and based in New York, ESS designs and produces innovative solutions for the Construction and Demolition trades. With the introduction of their Enviroboot EB-1 and the new EBCH-1, demolition of concrete and similar materials can be performed in a safer and more economical manner.


Enviroboot EB-1

Attaches to the chisel end of an electric demolition hammer to draw in the dust created by the hammer effect. 
MSRP $150.00 


Attached to a HEPA-filtered dry vacuum cleaner, the ESS Enviroboot™
EB-1 dust-suppression accessory for electric jackhammers creates
a vacuum chamber around a jackhammer's chisel, significantly
drawing away and reducing harmful respirable dust and other
airborne contaminants released during the jackhammering operation.

An Enviroboot accessory properly connected to a HEPA-filtered
vacuum unit of sufficient capacity will reduce airborne particulate matter to an even greater extent, allowing contractors to meet the standard for permissible exposure set by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

How To Use

Turn on the dry vacuum cleaner prior to turning on the jackhammer.

  1. Keep electrical wire and vacuum hose clear of the operator and jackhammer.
  2. For best performance, use a five-layer HEPA filter in the vacuum unit; change the filter as needed.
  3. Line the vacuum container with a heavy plastic bag (the type used by contractors) to minimize dispersal of silica dust when emptying the vacuum.
  4. Seal and properly dispose the bag when removing it from the vacuum.
  5. The Enviroboot accessory requires no maintenance, but may be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  6. The Enviroboot accessory is designed to remain on the jackhammer for use after use, but may be removed for jackhammer maintenance.
  7. With proper use, the Enviroboot accessory should last a minimum of 250 hours.

** Jackhammers are sometimes referred to as demolition hammers.

Note: When jackhammering, users should wear the following safety equipment: Breathing apparatus (meeting n95 standard); safety glasses; ear protection; safety shoes; and work gloves.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this document is for information purposes only. Environmental Safety Solutions has used commercially reasonable efforts to confirm that the procedures and other information set forth in this document are accurate and reliable. 

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